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Paula R Soler has been doing hair for over ten years.

Her level of experience shows in the way she deals with her clients - it is clear that she has a wide knowledge base; she understands the tools of hair styling and knows how to use them. Most important of all is the appropriateness with which she approaches each challenge, always matching carefully. Paula has a creative nature and has perfected the art of matching hair style to person.

Paula's Designs - see hair styles and services for DC, MD & VA special events

Each interaction between Paula and her clients begins with a consultation, where she gets to know what cuts they like, the color they'd prefer, overall expectations and what they want to have done.

services: hair design services by DC hairdresser Paula R Soler

Her decisions on color, cut, shape and overall design are made to suit the person being styled and this varies by person, what's best about her work is this individualism. Paula knows when to add a hair piece or twist a look to the side, she gets why some people do well in bangs and others need long layers. Her color selection is artistically based on the tones most fitted to the clients' appearance. She follows warm & cold hue standards that complement facial features and appear natural alongside the original hair, lips,eyes and skintone. See examples of professionally matched hair color & hair cuts in the image gallery below.

updo when hair is pinned, pulled and placed

updo - full or partial style pulled up into one section and artistically pinned for stability. Great for occasions with heightened activity like dancing, holds well in hot or humid weather, makes room for attire or accessories and can balance an outfit or overall look.

left down for long style

lengthy to perfection - hair left down and styled long without being pinned or tied anywhere. Opportunity to put a good cut on display or wear a look that's tough to achieve without the help of a stylist. Controlled with product for volume and hold, to crreate sleek, precise and effortless look

brazilian keratin treatment: featured conditioning service promotes smooth, healthy hair

brazilian keratin treatment - long lasting conditioning treatment uses the power of renowned keratin to strengthen, smoothe and straighten. 'BKT certified' means Paula is certified for application of treatment, see before and after examples below

hair cut or quick trim around the edges

hair cut - long layers, short wedge, new bangs and trends for men or women

color services

hair color - highlights and lowlights added to base color create the appearance of depth and volume. Other hair coloring options include single block color, hair color blending for roots or gray coverage, fun colors in strip extensions, and corrective color which heals destroyed hair and corrects past mistakes or bad color jobs.

extensions & hairpieces

added hair - certified for SoCap hair extension application, strips attached directly to hair close to scalp are washable, styleable & durable lasting up to 6 months. Additional hairpieces such as Jessica Simpson's HairDo product line can be fitted and perfectly matched to each hair length, type and color as Paula's expert skill in visualizing comes into play

events: Paula available for hire day of and pre-event for advanced preparations and photo shoots

For special events, she looks closely at the client to determine the best look for the occasion. Many times the elegant design created for an event can not be described or repeated but happens spontaneously on inspiration. She uses balance, shape and form guidelines to create a fashionable one time style.

go to the next event styled and get noticed! Book now for that upcoming special occasion like a school or family reunion, holiday, graduation, christening, bridal or baby shower, awards ceremony, recital or graduation


weddings - packages available with group pricing for all combinations related to wedding celebrations, such as: engagement photos photography shoot, bride & bridal party, bride & groom, bride w/ mothers & grandmothers

bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs

bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs - includes different hairstyle for temple service as well as celebration afterward. Packages availabe with group pricing or exclusive by individual

wedding & special event hairstylist

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wedding & special event hair design by hairdresser Paula R Soler in Washington DC: hair color, hair cuts, hair styles, consultation and design for special events
Beautiful wedding hair is the icing on the cake.

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  • Brazilian Keratin Treatment
  • SoCap hair extensions
  • socially responsible/organic products
  • customizeable hair piece

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save the photos because this hair-do is one to be proud of! confidence is high when leaving Paula's stylist chair and heading for a special event. With the right look it's easy to make a statement, be seen and leave a good impression.

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  • bar or bat mitzvah * christening
  • wedding * bridal or baby shower
  • awards ceremony * recital * graduation